e-commerce in brick and mortar?

More and more retail stores have an issue to keep up with the Internet generation. Generation Z as this group is called, have used the Internet since a young age and they are generally comfortable with technology. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends but demographers and researchers typically use the mid-1990s to mid-2000s.

At the same time, retail stores are struggling with new challenges, like the rising rent per square. With this, it makes it more expensive to have a bigger storage with products then before. The stores are getting smaller, but at the same time the customers requires the same range of products as before.

Generation Z is using their phones around 20 hours average each week, and aren’t strangers to new technology.

The interesting thing is what do we do with this new shopping behaviour? What exciting idés can we come up with to make sure to keep this the new generation in the stores.

My solution to this is obvious. Why don’t we move the e-commerce in to the stores? Make it an e-commerce-in-store, where the customer can get help from the personnel, look, touch and feel the product before ordering it. Most of Generation Z is familiar with ordering clothes, electronics and other ”stuff” from the internet and have no problem waiting 1-2 days before you get it delivered.

Embrace the Omni-channel, make your store’s modern and existing to visit. Move your e-commerce into the physical world on a big touch-screen where people can browse through all your products, get the wow-experience, order, and get it delivered home. This way the store can be a lot smaller and at the same time offer a larger range of products.