Screens after corona ban

When the business restarts, there are many practical issues to be addressed.
One of the important things, of course, is to ensure that customer communications work right from the start.

Screens at your office or store may have been closed during shop closures, and we want to ensure their smooth deployment after a possible break.

To make your job easier, we’ve provided you with the following checklist in case the screens don’t work:

  • Check the system that the monitors are scheduled to be on and at the correct time on different days of the week
  • Check that the materials and / or ads displayed on the screens are correct and timed to run at the right time
  • If the material does not appear or the screen remains black or the screens are not online according to the system:
    • Restart the monitor and any external media device connected to it
    • Check that the display is on the correct input channel
    • If your user id or password is lost or you otherwise need support, contact your own support organization if necessary or ZetaDisplay customer support at


I welcome the commercial summer despite the restrictions.

Please do not hesitate to stay in touch if we can somehow help you increase sales with eye-catching content or new displays.

Best Regards,

Annukka Pokki

Commercial Director of ZetaDisplay Finland